Helping students get the most out of their post secondary experience.

Our vision is that of a campus where students are engaged with everything it has to offer. Where they always feel that everything they need to grow into a better person, whatever it means to them, is easily available.

Italian Trulli

Our Team

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Paul Dan


Paul Dan

Helping people grow as a person is something I've always enjoyed and ivy allows me to pursue this further.

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Robert Fiker


Robert Fiker

I love providing experiences that make people's lives more fulfilling, and ivy is the perfect outlet to do just that.

Our Story

Paul, Robert and Nic are all university students who like building things and always felt like they wanted more from life. With Nic’s initial realization, that students no longer engage with each other and their campus as much as they used to, came the idea of an app to connect students in a new way, a way that’s friendly and easily approachable for a modern student.

Through Nic’s faith in the idea and willingness to find a way to make it happen he brought on Robert, a Computer Science student. Where Nic gets creative when socializing, Robert gets creative with technology and software. This passion and Robert’s ideas is what made Nic bring him on board. The two initially took a casual approach to ivy with Robert developing the Android version of ivy with Nic’s vision and feedback.

Realizing how many things go into such a passion project, the duo “courted” Robert’s friend, Paul, to join after feeling the team’s chemistry during a mobile hackathon. Being driven and ambitious, Paul wasn’t content with helping out only as a web developer. He and Robert brought the iOS version of ivy to life. Proving himself as the leader ivy needed to make things happen during the original launch and during the months that preceded it he was given the position of the CEO.

Currently, Nic’s responsible for everything related to law. Robert spends majority of his time developing and designing user experiences in addition to being responsible for its creative vision.

Paul is responsible for ivy staying on course in regards to the original vision. He is ivy’s first and last line of defence with his ability to drive things through to the finish line and strong focus on fostering a human-oriented culture. He’s usually occupied with whatever needs to get done whether it’s developing the next iOS update, forging strategic partnerships, or organizing the launch party.