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For Students

Explore campus events, stay up-to-date, and engage with the campus community. Discover clubs, as well as students, and see what everybody is up to.

For Clubs/Organizations

Promote your organization, your audience is 100% students from your campus! Also, see all your members, notify them directly, and post your events easily in seconds.


ivy seeks to connect students with their campus through events, so that they can get the most out of their college experience.

The Explore feature aims to make all events on your campus easily accessible. It has a featured event to draw students to the big thing on campus at the moment. Underneath, the events are neatly broken down into three categories based on when they're taking place. If there's a lot happening on campus right now, or if you simply want to check out everything at once, just click "Explore All". To post an event click on the green button in the right top corner of the screen. Remember, anyone can post an event as long as they're logged in! So, whether you have a club and want to attract more people through a pizza night, or are just organizing a res party, this is where you can share it. You know what the best part is though? If you're a member of a club or another campus organization, you get a notification each time they post an event, or make changes to an existing one! Each event can be shared, added to your calendar, or commented on. You can also click the big checkmark button to let everyone know you're going.


ivy is the place for everything on campus. Students and organizations can share anything, and in turn, see what's going on.

The Home is the place for campus news, updates, interesting opportunities, memes, or anything else students, or campus organizations want to share to enrich the campus community! It's a simple feed with the most recent post going to the top where you can share a bunch of text, or a picture. Again, anybody can post as long as they're logged in. If your post is related to an event, you can choose to pin it and attract more people to it that way. So next time you're bringing free food to your event, let everyone who's not going yet see what they're missing out on! To express your opinion, or share some extra info, each post also has its own comment section. Oh, and same as with events, if you're a member of an organization, and they share a post, you get a notification.


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