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Unlimited connections with your campus. Meet someone new, maybe your best friend is just around the corner.


Make the most of the best time of your life. Grow into the person you want to become.


Experience events and post secondary social life. Everything your university has to offer at your finger tips.


The Explore feature aims to take the ability to experience your campus’s social atmosphere and put it in the palm of your hand. With weekly features, events, and recommended friends the Explore is your first stop when looking for something to do in the real world.

"While ivy seeks to connect students to one another, it also hopes to connect students to what’s going on on campus. In essence, we want to give you the ability to make the most of your post-secondary life be it through talks, parties, cool classes or wing nights.”

The Quad

The Quad allows you to see all your fellow students in one place, as well as provides a new way to keep in touch with you friends around campus.

"The Quad, is a feature of ivy which simulates the action of walking down the halls of your campus. Nobody meets in passing anymore... Its a sad truth. We all walk down the hallway and wish there was some way we could start a conversation with someone (without looking like a crazy lunatic). But nowadays we have our headphones in, or we're late, or its uncomfortable to approach a new friend out of the blue. The Quad provides a ledger of the other ivy students on your campus, with a fun new way to scroll through your peers and see the faces of your peers. Much like walking down a hallway. Funny how that works out."


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